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Welcome to Liikuntaseura Pori website

“Liikuntaseura Pori offers inspiring exercise for Pori residents of all ages in gymnastics-based sports.
For children, young people and adults. Liikuntaseura Pori means dreams, experiences and friends by offering hobbies and coaching.
Every day, we make Pori residents feel good by offering health-promoting group exercise. Liikuntaseura Pori moves people from the floor to the top of the pyramid throughout their lives.”

Marja Koskinen
Chairman of Liikuntaseura Pori

The society has over 1800 members and about 120 trained instructors. We have over a hundred weekly classes around Pori.

In Liikuntaseura Pori you can sign in for gymnastics, aesthetic group gymnastics, cheerleading, kids hobby classes and classes for adults

You will find right information from the top bar of the page: lapset ja nuoret = kids and young people, ryhmäliikunta= group fitness for adults.

Liikuntaseura  Pori has a place for all gymnasts, exercisers, instructors and volunteers!

We are happy to help to find right hobby for you. Please contact us:
Kristiina 044-9897035

Please contact us:
tele: 02-633 1204
Our office is open every Wednesday 12.00-18.00
Adress: Pohjoisranta 11 E, 28100 Pori